What do we do?

We are a licensed telecommunication company specializing in Voice over IP (VoIP). You can connect to our servers with any hardware phone or softphone speaking the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)


The basic stuff: incoming and outgoing calls.
Call forwarding, number presentation (CLI) and hiding.
Buy phone numbers, and receive incoming calls from any mobile or landline.
REST API and javascript API to control the callflow.
Create Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with our javascript API
Create Interactive voice messages (voice SMS) with our REST API
Text to Speech and uploadable voicefiles for the API
And some more ...


You can make incoming or outgoing calls, play announcements, require user input, tranfer and join calls etc, by writing scripts (small programs) on our website: VoIP API documentation. Create an IVR (Interactive voice response) voice menu, or call your customer automatically, lots of things are possible.


Company: Xyton kft.
Postal Address: 5838 Magyardombegyház, Zalka Máté utca 61.
Customer Service: +36 1 555-7777
Fax: +36 1 700-2720
Main Email Address: info [kukac] xyton.com
Support Email Address: support [kukac] xyton.com

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